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55 - Material Data Analytics in Nikon SLM Solutions


Material parameters is one of the most important pillars to build successful parts with Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Technology. It is the final step to combine the metal powder performance and machine capabilities to bring 3D models into a successful part. The reliability and repeatability of mechanical properties are the key measures to assess the part quality and to complete the industrial adoption of SLM process. Thus, collecting material data, running statistics and stress testing the machine and material capabilities play a crucial role in ensuring a limited variability from job to job and machine to machine. In Nikon SLM Solutions, we collect extensive material data from different build layouts and different machines, where the test specimens are built in different orientations, with various surface finish post-processing and with different heat treatments to have statistically mature material parameters. In this presentation, the statistical method will be presented on material data evaluation and calculation of minimum and maximum limits based on a mature data set to indicate boundaries of the machine performance combined with metal powder and material parameters. The final qualification and the machine performance are quantified based on the material data analytics to keep developing on reliability and repeatability of the SLM process.


Nikon SLM Solutions, Lübeck, Germany

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55 - Material Data Analytics in Nikon SLM Solutions



5:00 pm -5:20 pm


Room 8