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20 & 21 march 2024

The 2nd edition of the International Metal Additive Manufacturing Symposium will be held at Cetim, France.
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Metal AMS is the first French Scientific Symposium 100% dedicated to the Metal Additive Manufacturing technologies. Organized by the French Metal AM community in collaboration with major R&D players from around the world, it addresses every step of the AM value chain.
The selected topics concern the areas of expertise including: Design, Materials, Simulation, direct and sintered-base Processes, Monitoring and Control/Qualification challenges.The second edition will be focus on Environement and Sustainable Development.

Organising Committee 2024:  Emmanuel Dunouvion (Aerospace Valley), Nicolas Saintier (Addim Alliance & GIS HEAD),  Eric Charkaluk (GIS HEAD & CNRS), Eric Hug (CNRS), Jean-Jacques Blandin (Initiative 3D), Franck Simon (CIMES), Benoit Verquin (Cetim).

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