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44 - Strategies for Qualification of Parts Printed by Metal Additive Manufacturing with Review of Fatigue Testing Requirements


Strategies for qualification of parts printed by metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) requires fatigue test data for structural integrity design, asset life cycle analysis and risk assessment for critical mission parts. A review of the part classification and qualification requirements are presented for powder bed fusion of metal using laser beam (PBF-LB) method. PBF-LB pre-process qualification for AM machine, in-process qualification for AM parts at specimen level and post-process qualification for AM parts will be discussed. Considerations on qualification and certification of additive manufacturing (AM) printed part and process during AM metal part production will be presented to produce consistent AM parts, where the factors of raw material, machine, operator and printed parts will be discussed. For PBF-LB method, in-process and part qualification procedures for mechanical tests and fatigue test requirements are needed for critical mission parts. This talk will present some strategies for qualification of parts printed by metal AM and the related fatigue testing requirements for part fatigue performance assessment. For pre-process qualification, the feedstock material and the machine operator shall be qualified individually before the PBF-LB machine is ready to build test specimens. The AM process qualification aim is to develop a baseline process parameter setting for the material-operator-machine qualification procedure to produce AM parts with the desired mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. For In-process qualification, the qualified AM machine will be used for part production to certify AM parts with desired mechanical properties in each production run. The test methods and standards, quantity of test specimens, build orientation and post-processing condition will be specified in the AM qualification plan with the acceptance criteria within an acceptable range. An overview of the mechanical test standard for tensile, impact, fracture toughness, fatigue test requirements will be summarized. Post-processing qualification requirements for AM parts includes initial inspection before post-processing; post-processing requirements for heat treatment; support structure removal; final inspection of finished AM part; laboratory and operational testing for AM parts.


Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, Singapore


44 - Strategies for Qualification of Parts Printed by Metal Additive Manufacturing with Review of Fatigue Testing Requirements



2:00 pm -2:30 pm


Room 6