Solange Vives

Solange Vivès Customer Technical Support for Metal Powders at Aubert&Duval. Material science PhD obtained in 2015 on thermoelectric alloys. Since 2016 she works in Additive Manufacturing field, she started with a European program as post-doc researcher in Belgium with the aim of developing titanium blades obtained through EBM process in collaboration with Safran Aero Boosters. Then she joined a part-marker in France (Volum-e) as AM project manager for parts produced by LPBF following the production of the parts from the design, printing, post-treatment to delivery for customers working in aeronautics and spatial fields. Since 2019 she joined Aubert&Duval team of metal powders for AM, thanks to her metallurgist background and AM experience she is working on the customer technical support and the development of the new products designed for AM.
  • Aubert&Duval, Paris, France