Julien Bossu

Julien Bossu is a french PhD student and research assistant. He did a chemical and material engineering master’s degree at INSA Hauts de France and now he is working in the metallurgical department and the Machine design and production engineering department for almost 2 years at the university of Mons (Belgium). I’m engaged on a project called HyProPAM financed by the Wallonia regional government under Win2Wal funding instrument (convention n°2110084). The project has the objective to develop a hybrid machine with additive and substractive manufacturing by PAM Pellets Additive Manufacturing, mechanical and laser machining. He will present a part of his work in the HyProPAM project, but his PhD thesis consists in the development of a composite made of Ti6Al4V alloy and polymers as binder especially developed for pellets additive manufacturing technology.
  • University of Mons, Mons, Belgium