Event Details

  • Start Date 09/09/2021
  • Start Time 09:00
  • End Date 09/25/2021
  • End Time 17:00
  • Location USA
Topics Speakers Time Venue
Opening Statement 8:30-09:00 Room#6
Materials Session 09:00-14:40
Design of aluminum alloys for Additive Manufacturing 9:00-9:30 Room#6
Titanium powders for additive manufacturing and 3D Printing 9:30-9:50 Room#6
Development of tool steel on Binder jetting technologies: Sintering overview and Comparison of material properties 9:50-10:10 Room#6
Microstructural investigation of new aluminium alloys designed for L-PBF 10:10-10:30 Room#6
Coffee Break 10:30-11:00
Innovative powder superalloys designed for AM and for use at high temperatures in turbine applications 11:00-11:20 Room#6
Manipulation of microstructures and properties during LPBF 11:20-11:50 Room#6
Some current trends in additive manufactured microstructures 11:50-12:10 Room#6
Microstructures genesis by LPBF and mechanical properties of 316 L stainless steel 12:10-12h30 Room#6
Lunch 12:30-14:00
Microstructure, Strength, Toughness And Fatigue Properties Of Cobalt-free Martensitic Stainless Steels Manufactured By L-PBF 14:00-14:20 Room#6
Influence of a second lasing strategy on the microstructure, tensile and fracture toughness properties of Hastelloy X parts manufactured by laser powder bed fusion 14:20-14:40 Room#6
AM Process Session 14:40-17:40
A Design of Experiments approach to increase LPBF productivity on aeronautical applications. 14:40-15:00 Room#6
Multi-physics and multi-scale modelling of metal AM processes with focus on L-PBF and DED 15:00-15:30 Room#6
Coffee Break 15:30-16:00
Thermomechanical simulation for Additive Manufacturing at part scale 16:00-16:20 Room#6
Physics based and data-driven modelling enabling fast and accurate simulation of AM processes 16:20-16:40 Room#6
Advances in melt pool simulation for L-DED and WAAM processes. 16:40-17:00 Room#6
Material Deposition Machine Programmer, a new role for your organization 17:00-17:20 Room#6
Design & Applications Session 17:20-17:40
Some applications of topology optimization to the design of mechanical structures built by additive manufacturing techniques. 17:20-17:40 Room 6
End of conferences 17:40
Break before event 17:40-18:30
Cocktail dinner 18:45-22:30
Topics Speakers Time Venue
AM Process Session 08:30-11:30
Understanding and improving laser-material interactions in LPBF through imaging and modelling 08:30-09:00 Room#6
Physical analysis, process monitoring and new developments on the LPBF process. 09:00-09:20 Room#6
Recent developments on monitoring solutions for DED processes, Towards a closed loop control of the processes 09:20-09:40 Room#6
Optimization of mechanical part's quality based on a manufacturing strategy in WAAM process 09:40-10:00 Room#6
L-PBF process monitoring 10:00-10:20 Room#6
Coffee Break 10:20-10:50
Progress on L-PBF instrumentation and prospects for in-situ monitoring 10:50-11:10 Room#6
In situ monitoring of melt pool for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing 11:10-11:30 Room#6
Post-Processing Session 11:30-14:30 Room#6
Improving the corrosion properties of the 17-4PH martensitic stainless steel using additive manufacturing process – focus on laser beam melted specimens 11:30-11:50 Room#6
Impact of heat treatments on alloy IN718 produced by SLM process 11:50-12:10 Room#6
Lunch 12:10-13:50
Mechanical and thermal treatment for additive manufactured components optimization 13:50-14:10 Room#6
A first industrial feedback for the management of surface and internal states of WAAM made components 14:10-14:30 Room#6
Design & Applications Session 14:30-16:50
How Design for Additive Manufacturing has created new product design opportunities ? 14:30-15:00 Room#6
Effect of process induced defects on the fatigue behavior of AS7G06 alloy obtained by SLM process 15:00-15:20 Room#6
Coffee Break 15:20-15:50
Fatigue behavior of lattices structures obtained by Additive Manufacturing 15:50-16:10 Room#6
Decarbonization acceleration through Additive Manufacturing 16:10-16:30 Room#6
Application of L-PBF technology to heat pipes production through optimization of process parameters. 16:30-16:50 Room#6
Closing Statement 16:50-17:10 Room#6